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Customer Survey

We are always looking for ways to improve your experience when you visit our dental practice and would be very grateful if you could complete this short feedback questionnaire.

Please write how much you agree with each of the questions below.

N/A = Not Applicable.
1 = Totally disagree,
2 = Part disagree,
3 = Neither agree nor disagree,
4 = Part agree,
5 = Fully agree.

The information available to me (e.g., in leaflets at reception) covers all that I need to know about using the practice’s services and looking after my dental care

I’m usually able to book appointments at times that suit me

When I have to pay for services, I believe the practice provides fair value for money

It’s easy for me to enter and move around the building

The reception, treatment room and other parts of the practice are always clean, comfortable and tidy

Whenever I want to talk about anything privately I am able to do so in a quiet area

I always feel well treated when I call to make an appointment or visit

I have confidence in the knowledge and abilities of the dentists, hygienists and others involved in providing my dental care

I’m always treated with dignity, gentleness and care by the dentist and others

My opinion is always taken into account when my treatment options are being discussed and agreed

Please answer the specific questions about your visit today – please tick your answers

I was kept waiting beyond the time of my appointment:

The dentist/hygienist talked to me about ways that I can prevent gum or tooth problems:

I would know how to make a complaint about my treatment today if I needed to:

The dentist/hygienist explained the treatment options including risks and benefits

I knew how much I would have to pay for treatment, before I started it

Was your treatment:

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey

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Thank you for taking time to complete this survey


If you would like us to respond personally to any issues you have raised please provide your name and telephone number/e-mail address so that we can contact you.